The Scientific Coordination Project pursued approaches of knowledge and innovation management, organisation development and governance as well as impact research.

The joint research projects and other cross-cutting activities were integrated, discussed and developed through various forums, expert meetings and workshops results. In conclusion, discipline-based strategies for transfer and implementation were supported.


  • to assist joint project activities through communication, coordination and networking
  • to support dialogue with practitioners
  • to enhance public relations
  • to reflect on the findings of joint projects and to connect results with international debates (e.g. in Module A)
  • to develop new approaches of sustainable land management
  • to analyse and enhance interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research

Expected outcomes and deliverables include:

  • Integrated knowledge base for technologies, tools and system solutions
  • combination of  different fields of innovation and research approaches, nationally and internationally
  • development of sustainable and innovative organisational structures for sustainable land management
  • establishing supportive interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary working structures
  • further development of innovative concepts and strategies for land  management
  • organization of knowledge transfer, creation of impulses for innovation and enhancing regional added value
  • supporting international networking as well as visibility of German research; explaining international relevance of outcomes