Exchange in and with Australia

Intenational networking and exchange of ideas - these are key success factors for the promotion of sustainable land management. Therefore, the scientific coordination project set off to Australia in early October.

At first glance land management challenges between Australia and Europe seem incomparable. At a second, however, parallels appear for instance challenges for soil protection, water management, accelerating urban sprawl, and strategies for mitigating climate change. Plus, Australia's government is among first pursueing and implementing "sustainable land management" as environmental policy strategy.

This year's international ISOCARP conference in Brisbane, Australia (International Society of City and Regional Planners) was a platform for knowledge exchange. With an own contribution, several discussions with university, NGO, and politics representatives the stage for further activities is set.

Existing contacts are going to be employed for mutual activities. In case of spontaneous interest please contact the coordinator of the scientific cordination project, Mr. Thomas Weith